Iron Knight Tarkus

An aging Paladin - known as a hero to most.


Class: Paladin
Abilities: High damage resistance, high damage, Holy spells.
Status: Dead


People need hope during dark times. A hero was once needed, and a man rose up to take his place as one.

Old Iron Knight Tarkus – The Hero of Faerun. Known far and wide for his skill in defeating almost any threat to the realm, cheers can always be heard through the streets whenever he makes an appearance.

Hailing from the town of Greenest, he began training as a Paladin at a very young age. He earned the title Iron Knight when he was the sole survivor of an orc attack. His entire garrison was slain, but he alone managed to fend off the remaining orcs using nothing but a broken greatsword and an initiate’s iron armor.He believed his life was spared by the Gods and since then he’s been carrying out his duty by saving as many souls as he can.

At some point in his life, he was betrothed to his childhood friend. She was, however, killed not long after, while he was off on a Holy mission. To this day, he blames himself for not being there to save her.

He’s a high ranking member of The Order of The Gauntlet. He sees great potential in Brodin and has begun training him the same way he was trained all those years ago.

He accompanied the group to Soldier’s Rest and returned in time to help defend Greenest from the cultist attack. When Alfric suffered severe burn wounds after being thrown into a large fire, Tarkus used some of his life force to heal most of it. He was a crucial part of the group’s success, though he was known by them as a kill stealer, since most of his attacks usually dealt the killing blow.

Unfortunately, he met his untimely demise when he was devoured by the dragon Lennithon. Only his greatsword was left behind.

“Your strength alone is what protects you and those around you. Never rely on the strength of others. I did once, and paid the ultimate price…” – Iron Knight Tarkus

Iron Knight Tarkus

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