Nilsa Dendrar Snowtide

Resident of Neverwinter and Alfric Snowtide's spouse.


Race: Human
Abilities: High intelligence, multilingual, proficiency in smacking Alfric with a ladle.
Status: Alive


The 19 year old daughter of Mirna Dendrar, and sister to Nils Dendrar.

Both her and her family were captured by the Redbrands in a wicked plot schemed by their leader, Glassstaff. They were freed by Alfric and his companions once the Redbrands were defeated. He was smitten as soon as he laid eyes on her!

After a lot of effort on his part, she eventually agreed to court and marry him. They’ve been living together in Neverwinter since then.

They are quite content and spend their days doing odd jobs around town and maintaining a sizable vegetable garden. They also tend to venture to the Sword Coast on brief journeys, camping and stargazing, enjoying the moments alone together.

Sometimes shy and timid, Nilsa can be quite menacing if provoked, to which Alfric can easily attest to. Her affinity for reading and writing in a variety of languages has granted her knowledge in a wide variety of things.

“I always thought that the adventuring life wasn’t my kind of thing. I mean, when you’re a child you’d usually play out make believe stories of knights and dragons – but, growing older means your interests tend to drift away. Being with Alfric reminds me of my old dreams, and I’ll admit that the days we spend away from home are among the best I’ll ever have.” – Nilsa Dendrar

Nilsa Dendrar Snowtide

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