J'zargo Laughing Fox

Catfolk Ranger of mysterious origin. Has a penchant for stealing valuable items, but why?


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Size: Medium

Abilities: Highly skilled in Acrobatics, Animal Handling, Sleight of Hand, Stealth and Survivability. Makes use of Darkvision, Keen Senses and can avoid taking fall damage from a great height. He can also jump twice the normal distance.

Languages Spoken: Common, Catfolk, Orcish.

Favoured Gear: Leather/Studded Armor, longbows and swords.

Status: Unknown


Not much is known about J’zargo’s past, other than that he was born into the catfolk clan of ‘Laughing Fox’ – whom are notoriously known for their horribly themed pranks. Skilled with a longbow, shortswords and his own claws – he can hold his own in both ranged and close quarters combat. He appears to have some experience in sneaking, which isn’t really all that uncommon for a ranger… but his reasons for doing so are far from noble.

He makes lame cat puns during conversation with his peers (often for the sake of his own sanity, because he’ll have trouble sleeping if he doesn’t) and sometimes calls out for a person named ‘Leliana’ in his sleep. He has a soft spot for cute animals and liquor – so much so for the latter that he’d spend a good sum of his earnings on it.

Unfortunately, much like real cats, he is spooked very easily and hates dealing with ghouls, spirits or the undead.

Since splitting with his friends after defeating Black Spider (and almost being crushed to death), his whereabouts have been unknown. Only Alfric has had some correspondence from him, in the form of a letter congratulating him on his marriage. This slightly disturbed Alfric, since he never made it known to J’zargo that he was getting married.

“Life is like the seasons, in constant change. We must adapt and change with it. Well, except for your favourite drink – that’s never going to change.” – J’zargo Laughing Fox

J'zargo Laughing Fox

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