Additional Rules and Guides

Inspiration Points

The DM may award a player an Inspiration Point at certain points in the game. Inspiration can be used to roll advantage or purchase additional time for turns, however this must be declared before the player rolls. A player can only have one Inspiration Point at any time.

Inspiration points can be passed on to other players, however this cannot be done during combat. If the player receiving Inspiration already has a point, he/she cannot be the recipient of another.

Time Limit on Turns

To facilitate fast paced gameplay and avoid slow downs throughout combat, a time limit of 8 seconds will be imposed per turn. If a player has not decided on an action before time has run out, that player misses his/her turn.

This time limit can be increased up to 15 seconds by spending Inspiration Points – where each point is worth one additional second. This limit is global and applies to all players, regardless of whom spent their Inspiration Points.

Additional Rules and Guides

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