The adventurers you met on the Uldoon trail said there’s a possibility you may all meet up again in the near future, but that’s entirely up for you guys to decide.
Flint also received a note from the dwarf (DM shared its contents with Rod privately).
The friendlier elf twin offered Alfric a gift, which he accepted. He offered her a beaver pelt in return, which she was absolutely thrilled to receive.

Hulgk is missing since the zombie attack.
He was out hunting while you rested and since the zombies forced you guys to run away (lol) you haven’t seen him since.
Alfric left a note for him on a nearby tree telling him to regroup in Nashkel.

The party eventually reaches Nashkel and meets Nilfur.
He gave the party the information they needed regarding the cult and the dragon masks.
There are 5 of these masks, each correspond to the 5 chromatic dragon types.
They grant the wearer corresponding abilities.
All five masks must be assembled as part of the summoning ritual for Tiamat’s revival.
There exists at least one dragon mask along the sword coast.
Its whereabouts are unknown to the cult and so they are invading towns and villiages in an attempt to find it.
If we can lay our hands on at least one mask and make sure they never ever find it, we have effectively prevented Tiamut’s return from the 9th circle of hell..

The party also accepted the business proposition from Nilfur.
He wants you to market his Cuke™ product and see if there’s a demand for such a thing.
(A range of regular potions that have added flavours to make them more palatable, such as cherry, vanilla, etc)
He will provide samples within 2 days.

He is providing basic enchanting services for a limited selection of weapons.
So far it’s Brodin’s greatsword, Alfric’s and Aseir’s bows.
These weapons will become +1 weapons once he’s done.
He will also give you quests related to finding other magical items, though only once he happens upon them during his research.

Bandits attacked Nashkel but the party quickly disposed of them.
Brodin managed to capture one, and he also noticed a shady figure slip into town during the fight.
Who is this mysterious figure?!?!?! Huehuehue

Also, Noober, the Villiage Idiot™. has taken a liking to you guys – he probably won’t leave you alone.


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