Overconfident Goblin


Race: Goblin
Abilities: Cunning
Status: Dead


Goblin leader at Cragmaw Hideout.

The first time the party entered Cragmaw Hideout, Yeemik was ready to take them on. However, the party just barely managed to defeat Yeemik and his goons before torching the place.

Yeemik somehow survived, and upon meeting the party for a second time, he requested that they kill Cragmaw hideout boss, Klarg in exchange for the life of Sildar Hallwinter.

Yeemik attempted to double cross the party demanding gold for the release of Sildar Hallwinter after the party successfully defeated Klarg. Nobody took kindly to this change of heart.

He is no longer among the living.

“As much as I hate you all for beating me and my underlings to a pulp, I am no fool to take you on alone. Instead, I’d like to propose a deal…” – Yeemik striking a deal with the adventurers.


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