Young Green Dragon


Race: Dragon
Abilities: Poison Breath, Flight
Status: Dead

Social Media: Twitter


Venomfang was a young green dragon who attempted to make a lair in an old tower in the ruins of Thundertree village, after killing the giant spiders infesting the tower.

In 1488 DR a local druid, named Reidoth, had noted the coming of Venomfang and knew the dragon’s presence would interfere with his work clearing Thundertree of it’s undead infestation. Additionally, Venomfang’s arrival had garnered the attention of a group of dragon cultists, led by Favric, that hoped to woo the dragon to their cause.

After defeating the cultists, our heroes hatched a plan to fool the him into thinking they belong to the Cult of the Dragon – hoping to garner some favour from the beast and strike when it is vulnerable. However, unable to contain his rage due to the decimation of his hometown by a dragon attack, Aseir Liadon prematurely attacked Venomfang, thus ruining their cover.

After a long, drawn out battle, Venomfang attempted to flee, however Brodin brought the creature crashing down onto a statue. Venomfang was impaled and died instantly.

His skin was harvested and used to create a variety of highly durable armor, which the party currently wears.

“Bllaaaargghgghhhhh” – Venomfang as he sprays deadly poison onto his foes.


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