King Grol's Pet


Race: Wolf
Abilities: See Ripper
Status: Dead


Snarl is the pet wolf of King Grol, supreme leader of the Cragmaw Goblins. Despite Grol’s iron fist ruling, Snarl was considered his most loyal and best companion – often getting far better treatment than any of the goblin underlings serving him.

She is the stronger wolf compared to her brother, Ripper, and their litter was unfortunately forced to fend for themselves when their mother was killed for her pelt by a performing Barbarian and Bard duo. Klarg happened upon the litter during one of his raids, and offered the wolf pup as a gift to Grol, in the hopes of gaining favour with him. Grol was unnaturally pleased with the wolf and trained her himself, stating that she’d make “a good guard dog”. Klarg kept the rest of the litter, including Ripper, and trained them to guard their hideout.

Snarl grew up large and strong, and was feared among the Cragmaws. She was sometimes fed the enemies of Grol, many of whom were still alive when the giant wolf’s jaws closed around their heads.

She fought alongside her master when our heroes entered Cragmaw Castle (also known as Castle Cavie), however she met her demise when Brodin’s greatsword cleaved her neatly in two. J’zargo respected Snarl’s loyalty to Grol, so the sight of this deeply disturbed him. He sometimes suffers from nightmares about the dead wolf to this day.

“Awww, it’s a cute lil’ doggy. I’m going to pet it!” – Famous last words of Toad, a grunt in the Cragmaw army.


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