Klarg's Pet


Race: Wolf
Abilities: … What do wolves do? I guess they can howl and bite. Perhaps a few scratches here and there? They poop too.
Status: Alive


A large and somewhat ill-tempered wolf. Ripper was the pet of Klarg, Captain of the Cragmaws, and was often found alongside his master.

He fought our heroes with Klarg, however they were soon overwhelmed by the party’s tremendous strength. Klarg died, however, feeling sorry for the creature, Ripper was healed by J’zargo and left unconscious. When he woke up, he lamented the death of his master, but he continued to live in the cave and lead the remaining wolves Klarg had kept.

Recently, there have been reports of a pack of wolves attacking caravans and bandits alike along trade routes near the Cragmaw Cave, so it is highly advised not to travel nearby.

“Awoo?” – The sound a confused wolf, much like Ripper, would make.


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