Nundro Rockseeker

One of the Rockseeker brothers


Race: Dwarf
Abilities: Smithing
Status: Dead


Brother to Gundren and Tharden. The three Rockseeker brothers found the legendary lost mine of Wave Echo Cave. Nundro and Tharden stayed at the mine entrance while Gundren organized a delivery of supplies to further explore the site. Unfortunately, while Gundren was away the evil forces of the Nezznar, who also sought the power within the mine, invaded and captured the remaining two dwarves. The Black Spider then sent his forces, the Redbrands and the Cragmaw goblin tribe, to find Gundren and prevent any others from finding the mine.

Nundro was found near the back of the mine, specifically near the Forge of Spells. The Black Spider had been questioning him on how to activate and use the Forge, which can create powerful magical items. He was rescued by his cousin Flint, and soon after, Flint and the rest of the party defeated Nezznar and liberated the mine.

Flint and Nundro returned to Phandalin to reunite with Barthen. Nundro had a long road to recovery but even after the countless Healing spells and magical concoctions, Flint could see that he was fading from his injuries. Six heart wrenching weeks went by and Nundro finally gave his last breath.

“Flint, I am forever in your debt from rescuing me from that horrible place. However, it seems that it wasn’t enough to save me from my inevitable fate. I will soon die, but remember this lesson: As dwarves we cannot run from our fate; what we are destined to do. It is all set in stone – so make the best of whichever path you choose, for it will be the only path you can take” – Nundro, imparting advice to his cousin Flint.

Nundro Rockseeker

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