Bugbear Captain of the Cragmaws


Race: Bugbear
Abilities: Great Strength, Animal Handling
Status: Dead


Klarg was the leader of a small band of goblins, known as the Cragmaws, and took great pleasure in bullying or ordering his lesser kin around. Brutish and cruel, Klarg is filled with delusions of grandeur and viewed himself as a mighty warlord just beginning his career of conquest.

Slightly unhinged, Klarg tended to refer to himself in the third person and kept a wolf named Ripper as a pet.

After his defeat, Yeemik struck a deal with our heroes to kill Klarg in exchange for Sildar’s life. They agreed, and made their way through the Cragmaw Cave. After a long and intense battle, Klarg met his grisly end by Alfric Snowtide.

“Vegetable bad… Meat good… Klarg will skin you alive!” – Klarg after crossing swords with Aseir Liadon


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