King Grol

The 'King' of the Cragmaws


Race: Bugbear
Abilities: Great Strength, Intimidation
Status: Dead


King Grol was a fierce old bugbear that ruled the Cragmaws through pure intimidation. Although age had stooped his shoulders, hunched his back and greyed his fur, Grol was still surprisingly agileā€¦and especially strong. This great strength was likely the result of a pair of enchanted gauntlets he wore.

No other Cragmaws dared to cross the demanding and vidictive King Grol, not even the ambitious Klarg (not directly anyway). Grol was always attended by his large pet wolf, Snarl and a pair of hobgoblin guards.

Grol and his Cragmaw goblins had been hired by the Black Spider to capture Gundren Rockseeker and his map.

Despite conventional dungeon crawling traditions, our heroes’ first encounter within Cragmaw Castle (also known as Castle Cavie) was Grol himself, along with Snarl and the aforementioned hobgoblin guards. He eventually met his demise by Flint Rockseeker – who burned him to death with a spell.

“I’ll find this dwarf you’re going on about, and the bloody map – but I can’t guarantee I’ll bring him to you alive. Snarl gets hungry more often thank you think. Wolves need to eat, you see.” – Grol, negotiating his terms with the Black Spider.

King Grol

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