Gundren Rockseeker

Dwarf Businessman Extraordinaire!


Race: Dwarf
Abilities: Bartering, Smithing
Status: Dead


Gundren Rockseeker, eldest of the three Rockseeker brothers, is a smith and caravan leader by trade. Unlike most dwarves which are reclusive, Gundren has friends and allies among most of the good races of the world.

He enlisted our heroes on the last job they’ll ever need to take, which required them to escort a Caravan carrying supplies from Neverwinter to Phandalin – during which, he was captured by Nezznar. He, along with an unknown female Elf, were found as prisoners deep within Cragmaw Castle (known to the local residents as Castle Cavie). He was in a very troubled state, ranting like a madman about the map to Wave Echo Cave.

Brodin was appointed to guard them both while the rest of the party would clear out the Castle. However, while Brodin took a break to relieve himself, Gundren was slain and his map stolen – presumably by the female Elf (a Doppelganger employed by Nezznar) who had somehow escaped.

“Citizens of the Sword Coast! Gundren Rockseeker here – Entrepreneur Extraordinaire. You represent the beginning of a grand adventure. I need hardy, skilled, profit-led and competitively-priced individuals to join me in Phandalin where my brothers and I have stumbled across something big…definitely. We are so confident in this opportunity that I am willing pay the grand sum of 10 gold dragons to any who help bring supplies from Neverwinter safely to Barthen’s Provisions in Phandalin. To those who are willing I invite you to meet me in the Driftwood Tavern for the opportunity of a lifetime. For one day you’ll be saying, “Poverty? What’s a poverty? And then you can thank me, Gurden Rockseeker, for bring the generous and humble employer you will have undoubtedly grown to love!” – Gundren Rockseeker

Gundren Rockseeker

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