Escobert the Red

The flame-haired castellan of Greenest Keep


Race: Dwarf
Abilities: Unknown
Status: Alive


Escobert is a shield dwarf with knotted, tangled, bright red hair. As master of Greenest Keep, Escobert is in charge of its defense.

He is also a keeper of the castle’s keys, which he wears on an 8" iron ring on his belt.

The party encountered Escobert during the Battle of Greenest, where he had suffered a wound to his left leg from a Giant Lizard (affectionately known as Glizzards to the party). He and Tarkus managed to secure and open the Keep’s secret tunnel which was used to bring in survivors.

“Aye, I know of the tunnel below the keep. It’s filled with shit and rats, but I’d take that over a stroll outside right now” – Escobert when asked about the secret tunnel

Escobert the Red

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