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Wife of Bruce 'Hulgk' Banner, Former mercenary


Class: Fighter
Race: Human
Abilities: Close Quarters Combat, Longsword proficiency
Status: Dead


Brienne was a highly skilled mercenary for hire, often employed by various organisations as a means to deal with their enemies swiftly and silently. Never really knowing her parents, she was adopted by a member of The Band of The Hawks and since then has lived a life learning the art of killing. Among The Hawks, she quickly made a name for herself during 1478 to 1483 DR – becoming one of their most lethal members. Nobody could escape her blade.

In 1484, a Half-Orc by the name of Hulgk joined their group, and after witnessing his prowess for battle first hand, she immediately respected his skill and athletic ability. Not long after, Brienne began to harbor feelings towards him. After realising that these feelings were mutual between them, they began to court.

Eventually, the life of a mercenary proved too tiresome for them both. They left the Hawks and settled down in cave, out of sight from the enemies of their ex-contractors who wouldn’t think twice about slitting their throats. In 1487, their newborn daughter was conceived.

Unfortunately, during one of Hulgk’s hunts, a group of assailants entered the cave and attacked her and their child. Despite her training, she was not geared and was distracted by the cries of her infant child – leading to both of their deaths.

Hulgk performed their final rites and burned their bodies on a pyre outside the cave they once called home, swearing vengeance as he did so.

It is unknown who the assailants were, though it is assumed they belong to the Cult of the Dragon.

“Judging by the way you fight, it seems you value victory more than your own life.” – Brienne, noting Hulgks reckless fighting style.

Brienne Banner

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